authorCoach LeikHong is passionate about serving people and helping them achieve their business goals. He started his career as an engineer, but he soon learnt his strength was in his ability to work with people. Realising that, he evaluated his career path, and made the move from technical engineer to professional sales consultant. Thus, began his career in a people oriented industry.

During the beginning of his career, LeikHong was put on stage on many occasions to conduct sales presentations and product trainings. This is where LeikHong discovered that his true passion in life was to share knowledge with others. He went on to be certified as a Professional Trainer by the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA UK) and Human Resources Department of Malaysia (HRDF).

LeikHong ventured into a new career path as a Professional Trainer / Business Coach and now he is helping small, medium business owners spend less time working IN their business and more time ON their business. He had developed many interesting business-training modules to help his clients to make the quantum leap breakthrough of their business.

LeikHong is specializing in business-training modules like Business Model development, Company Culture cultivation, creating a Different in Marketing & Finding the “Wow” in your Customer Service.Presently, he conducts coaching, training and consulting in Malaysia and Indonesia on how small, medium-sized businesses can be different and moved away from competition.

Get Ready to Transform Your Business for Profits

Want to make your business more profitable?

If more business profits and personal fulfillment is what you’re seeking, Coach LeikHong can help you get from where you are – to where you want to be.

Currently he is a consultant, trainer and coach for entrepreneurs. His passion is:
1)    Assisting people in achieving their business goals.
2)    Helping business people improve and create the business life they desire.
3)    Coaching and follow-up where necessary.