Teams can deliver better, faster results than individuals working alone - as long as the team members are aligned, focused, respectful of one another and have the skills to get the job done.

Coach LeikHong and his teams specialize in creating high performance teams. Whether you put a team in one of our public programs (where they work as a unit for a company's specific project while getting exposure to ideas from other participants) or you bring us on-site to work with them, we will give your team the tools needed to exceed expectations each time. You would gain a variety knowledge, skills and values within a time frame.

What do you take back from these training?
1.    Innovation, Creativity
2.    Facing challenges, Endurance
3.    Problem Solving, Thinking on your feet
4.    Synergy, Give and Take, Competition
6.    Coordination, Negotiation, Communication
6.    Respect, Truthfulness

Team Building Program

Below are some examples of Team Building Program conducted by Coach LeikHong:

1. Oil RUSH - Business Planning and Strategic Games:

Oil RUSH is an experiential training tool that in a powerful manner helps employees understand and practise the mode of behaviour that ensures success. An “Oil Rush” session is experiential in nature and highly involving. It gives participants an understanding of the real issues that impact their behaviour and their teamwork.

oil rush

Oil Rush recreates real work issues in a controlled environment. It is a “hands-on” learning experience. What people say and believe is not always consistent with what they do? Participants can reflect after the session and identify how they reacted to the stress and the pressure of the session and relate it to the demands of their work place. This will then help them to understand and realise the importance of committing to change. 

2. Customized Outdoor TEAM Alignment:

OUTDOOR Team Building Program can be customized to suit client's training needs.



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