If your organizations is looking for employees who are:


1 Engaged with the vision, mission, and values

2 Aligned with their strategic plans

3 Have the skills needed to drive performance…


Then Coach LeikHong would be a good answer to your needs.

Different types of Business Training Workshops are available eg. In-House workshop that are customized according to organization’s needs or Public Program that is open to interest groups.

1.    Business Model Canvas
2.    6-Steps to a Better Business
3.    Being Different – Grow Like An Apple
4.    Communication Skills
5.    Creative & Innovation @ Marketing
6.    Delivery Customers’ Happiness
7.    GEN Y Management
8.    Interview Skills

9.      Leadership Skills
10.    Presentation Skills
11.    Planning Management
12.    Sales Excellent
13    Stress (FUN) Management
14.    Team Building 
15.    Time Management 
16.    Train the Trainer Delivery Skills


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