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Leow Leik Hong

Author | Speaker | Business Coach

Hi, I'm LeikHong, and I believe that growing a business should not be a mystery.

Therefore, I want to provide you with the right tools and frameworks so that you don't guess your way through growing a business.

Building a business is hard.

First, you must get your strategic plan, marketing message, and sales process right; then, you need the right people to execute the plan.

Many business leaders and executives are stuck in the games of business; they’re wondering if they are doing it right.

And this is frustrating. 

But things don’t have to be like this; I can guide you through creating the right plan for your Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy so that your business will grow and thrive.

It is inexpensive and easy to do.


Leow Leik Hong has been an experienced International Speaker, Business Coach and Trainer since 2011.

He has spoken to and trained over 50,000 people, working with over 1,000 companies across the 🌏 Asia Pacific and 🇪🇺 Europe.

With his coaching method, LeikHong successfully transformed:

● In less than 18 months, he helped turn a retail business from RM 350k debt into profitability with no investors’ help.
● By applying a mastery technique, a medical centre 3x their revenue.
● After one strategy changed, a franchise tuition centre expanded from 5 to 80 outlets in less than five years.
● A wellness centre successfully developed and went public listed by aligning the team with a common goal.

Beyond coaching and training, Leik Hong is also an author, where he has published five books under his name:

1. Small Fish Conquering The Big Pond (2014) – Entrepreneurship
2. Small Fish Mastering Brand Experience (2016) – Branding & Core Value
3. Onion Marketology (2019) – Marketing Tactics
4. 咸鱼也能开公司 (2019) -创业与创新, 销售与市场营销, 个人成长等
5. 疫情后如何行销 (2021) – 市场 | 文案 | 工具 | 策略

Credentials and Certifications:
1. Certified Professional Coach by TEAMCoach International
2. IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ by International Association of Coaching® (IAC)
3. HRD Corp Accredited Trainer by Malaysia Human Resource Development Corporation
4. Certified BMW Group Retail Trainer by BMW Group 
5. Global Lecturer by