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An extraordinary event requires
An extraordinary speaker who…

LeikHong is one of the leading experts on entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

LeikHong is not only a speaker; he is a professionally trained performer.

LeikHong is an entrepreneur who has succeeded and failed.

LeikHong is a champion for entrepreneurs, making the audience the hero.

LeikHong gives the audience powerful and actionable tools that drive results.

LeikHong will do his best to make your event remarkable.

Our Popular Keynote Topics

👍🏻 Title: "Accelerated Business Growth: A Strategic Marketing Approach to Turning Crisis into Opportunity"

⭐️ Subject: Strategies for Business Growth and Digital Marketing

⏳ Duration: 60 minutes

😃 Intended Audience: Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Sales and Marketing Professionals

🔥 Key takeaway:

– Adapting marketing strategies to thrive in the post-pandemic environment.

– Identifying crisis-driven opportunities for business growth.

– Leveraging digital marketing and AI tools effectively.

– Developing a forward-looking marketing plan for sustained success.

– Navigating challenges with resilience and strategic thinking.

👍🏻 Title: "Maximising Your Business: Crafting Compelling Marketing Messages for Revenue Boost"

⭐️ Subject: Effective Marketing Messaging and Revenue Growth Strategies

⏳ Duration: 60 minutes

😃 Intended Audience: Business Owners, Marketers, Sales Teams, Brand Managers

🔥 Key takeaway:

– Crafting compelling marketing messages that resonate with your target audience.

– Aligning your brand messaging with customer needs and aspirations.

– Utilising storytelling techniques to engage and captivate your audience.

– Enhancing brand loyalty and customer retention through effective messaging.

– Measuring the impact of your marketing messages on revenue and ROI.

👍🏻 Title: "Value-Based Selling: Unlocking Success in Today's Competitive Market"

⭐️ Subject: Value-Based Selling Strategies and Techniques

⏳ Duration: 60 minutes

😃 Intended Audience: Sales Professionals, Account Managers, Sales Leaders, Business Owners

🔥 Key takeaway:

– Understanding the principles of value-based selling and its significance.

– Identifying customer pain points and aligning your product or service as a solution.

– Creating tailored value propositions that resonate with diverse customer profiles.

– Building long-lasting customer relationships through a value-driven approach.

– Leveraging value-based pricing strategies to maximise revenue and profitability.

👍🏻 Title: "Leadership and Coaching Excellence: Strategies for Empowering Your Team"

⭐️ Subject: Leadership and Coaching Best Practices

⏳ Duration: 60 minutes

😃 Intended Audience: Managers, Team Leaders, HR Professionals, Aspiring Leaders

🔥 Key takeaway:

– Developing essential leadership skills to inspire and guide your team effectively.

– Understanding the transformative power of coaching in professional development.

– Implementing coaching frameworks to enhance team performance and growth.

– Fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your organisation.

– Building trust and rapport with your team through empathetic and effective coaching techniques.

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2-Minutes Keynote Highlights: Online Ads Are Useless

Leik Hong is speaking at the 2022 Convention of Malaysia Association Professional Speakers (MAPS). To view the entire keynote recording, click here

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